Spring cleaning our bodies


Spring medicinal plants

After what always seems to be an extraordinarily long winter, Spring has finally sprung.  Soon, it will be warm enough to open windows and feel the harmony of the earth’s rhythms.  The days are longer, the air is warmer and as the soil thaws the first plants are beginning to appear.  The fertility of the earth becomes evident and the cycle begins.

The initial plants to surface are very effective cleansers for our biological systems.  During the long winter months we are limited to foods designed to sustain us while hibernating.  These foods are most likely meats and particular produce optimally preserved by salting and canning.  Our bodies require spring cleaning in order for our systems to function efficiently.  Mother Nature provides us with plants having a chemical response to our gastrointestinal systems while promoting detoxification.  Vitamin and mineral rich young, green shoots include dandelion greens, nettles, milk thistle, artichoke and asparagus.  These cleanse the accumulated toxins in the liver, preparing bodies for more fresh, brightly colored produce abundant during the summer months.  This form of spring cleaning helps shed excess weight and strengthens the immune systems, improving the appearance of both skin and hair.

As life and growth begin again, we also create a new beginning for ourselves that echo the activities of our earth, as we, too, awaken from winter’s dormant sleep.  The beauty and fragrance of the trees and spring flowers blossoming stimulate our senses, renewing our life force within.  Celebrate these gifts earth provides and rejuvenate your health.

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