Gleanings from the Garden


Sweet purple violet – BME photo credit

Today was the first, functional day of Spring.  Time to comb the beds, clear brush and open the patio.  The budding 11th season brings joy with the return of expected “friends” and the disappointment of losing others.  Throughout the multiple generations of plants, I never know what will return.  The ones I expect to find sometimes run their course, while others go dormant, skipping a season entirely!  Last year, we had a scare when our beloved 8 year old Hibiscus tree appeared to have parished.  The mature, 8 foot tree had become a community fixture in our neighborhood.  We had mourners who shared fond memories and condolences. One day in late May, I noticed something bright green out of the corner of my eye…

Its fate had been spared by the fact that we do not own a saw.  Removing its carcass was inevitable, and while I entertained methods in my mind, it made a dramatic return.  I trimmed 10 – 12 inches off each branch and with lots of water, balance of nutrients and the summer’s southwestern sun exposure; it made a profound comeback.  The neighbors rejoiced and I sighed with relief through the New Year.  We wrapped its roots in a blanket and made a loose fitting “hat” from a shower curtain to help retain heat produced by its energy.


Anise hyssop – photo credit, BME

We are looking forward to a brand new season of colorful blossoms and sweet parfume fragrances all the flowers generate.  The cross section of herbs and flowers,vegetables and shrubs welcome all varieties of wildlife, who frequent our patio as often as we do.