My gift perpetuating purpose


Botanical “Therapeutic Effects’

As I approach my second or third incarnation, I am getting back to my roots by re-visiting what I know about plants and herbalism.  Growing, and nurturing, harvesting and cooking, artisanal products for health and home keep me in touch with the earth and the never ending cycle of a parallel universe inspired by the aesthetic promise of the “Sidhe”.


Artisanal apothecary

My healing arts are a lifetime culmination of gardening, art, writing and chemistry.  This is truly my element. I foster this self-expression through my many mediums including botanical art and photography.  My stewardship calls me to share knowledge, wisdom, experiences while learning along my path.


“Reflecting Pool – English Garden” at Stan Hywet Hall

Our immediate community is as diverse as our garden, where plants, insects and animals alike gather on common ground.  We exchange “Boomerang foods” for sustenance, primarily during winter.  Together we promote ideas, trade secrets and recipes that have transcended generations.  We welcome neighbors to our patio over a glass of fresh-brewed sun tea…stimulating the senses…


Fresh homegrown salad greens

Plants have a therapeutic effect on our Chronobiology and natural circadian rhythms.  They radiate a full spectrum of touch, fragrance, color, vibration, frequency and taste. Dr. Edward Bach, Microbiologist and Immunologist, recognized flower essences as the “life-force energy”, renewing our life-force within.  Herbs have symmetry, versatile and utilitarian, they serve in many forms.


Materia medica – Inn Walden

Researching the anthropology of herbs and plants has given me an understanding of their place in our culture and ours within theirs.  We are spiritually one, complete and whole.  It is a lifestyle. It is a process.


Research and writing desk

It is a means by which to live making, making a living and to live by.  The earth provides, we create then elevate.  It is simple. It is sustainable. It is a discovery.


Wildcrafting recipes and notes

Propagating a harmonious and stable foundation with the promise of etheric energy is an ongoing practice. It is what I practice. It is how I live.


Chem lab

It chose me.  This is my passion, this is who I am, this is what I know…this is my purpose.



Every day to day is “Earth Day”


N. America and Terminus

Something ordinary, something simple – perhaps overlooked, fueling activism and inspiring…


The “…process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.”

What Is Alchemy?

Alchemy Is a Craft

Alchemy Is a Science

Alchemy Is an Art