Celebrating 150 historic years of healing with heart

Apothecary - Materia Medica

Reflections of the “Prince of Wales” Hotel in the equally historic “Niagara Apothecary”.

The Prince of Wales Hotel Restaurant and Spa celebrates 150 consecutive years of health and romance.  A short drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake (N-O-T-L) from Cleveland & nearby surrounding Great Lakes areas make it easily accessible. The Prince of Wales Hotel is sharing its year-long birthday observance with lovely Valentine’s packages making it the heartbeat of this historic town.  General Manager of this landmark Inn, Kelly Exelby, has arranged to celebrate with class, offering promotional packages blending luxury accommodations with four star rated dining for a sensual experience.


Escabeche Restaurant at the Prince of Wales Hotel

The Hotel’s restaurant, Escabeche, boasts a sophisticated ‘Tasting Menu’ optimized by award-winning wines from the excellent local vineyards – “A culinary adventure to tempt your palate and satiate your desire.” The dining room is thoughtfully arranged with intimate seating providing privacy for a peaceful and leisurely dining experience proven to be digestively beneficial. Upon scheduling reservations and being seated, professional servers inquire if there are any dietary considerations or special requests. Escabeche designs a menu to meet your individual health needs.


“Fall Vegetable & Upper Canada Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni”

Original dishes are kindly created with the freshest available ingredients from local resources. Every meal is therapeutic, positively stimulating all senses and further enhancing their notable “Secret Garden Spa” services. Menu modifications are not only willingly made, but suggested or recommended to meet specified health requirements. Chef welcomes challenges and understands food’s nourishing properties. Pictured dishes feature mushrooms like the chanterelle, chosen for their use in medical mycology. The Restaurant team will tap into additional menus from the adjoining “Churchill Lounge” to share ingredients for a personalized experience. Veteran ‘Garcon de Table’, Brad Kempsder, invitingly exclaims, “Let’s build something together.”


Signature “Churchill Coffee”

The Churchill Lounge invites you to relax around the hearth and warm your heart with a cup of traditionally brewed high tea or their signature beverage, “Churchill Coffee”.  I have frequented the Churchill lounge over the years and enjoyed satisfying meals, indoors and out.  There is no limit to this condensed menu carefully crafted from the same fresh, locally grown ingredients characteristic of the Prince of Wales.


Live musical entertainment at the Churchill Lounge

The palpable ambience vibrates with harmonic resonance while being treated to live, classic acoustic entertainment.


Private cottage up the mews from the Hotel

Every peaceful, private room greets you like a big hug.  Each room is uniquely decorated inspiring the rich Victorian style in keeping with its 1864 establishment.


Luxury accommodations

The Prince of Wales staff’s unparalleled services demonstrate their attention to detail. Fresh fruit and water upon arrival to your room, a fragrant rose bud placed on your pillow with care at evening ‘turn-down’ and handcrafted bath salts positioned on the private Jacuzzi tubs procure a personal touch. Accommodations are appointed with heated towel holders in the elegant and spacious bathrooms, adding to your memorable experience.


Signature healing salts

Overlooking Lake Ontario, Niagara-on-the-Lake is in the Niagara peninsula just down river from Niagara Falls.  The area is surrounded by water generating energy, lending to this therapeutic theme.  The Prince of Wales amenities include a chemical-free indoor salt water swimming pool and hot tub, a vantage point from which to watch the weather overhead through the wall of windows.

Therapeutic effects

Salt water pool


“Secret Garden” themed Hotel Lobby at the Prince of Wales

The pool room is above the “Secret Garden Spa”, whose tranquil facilities include a plethora of professional spa services, relaxation lounge with the promise of serenity.  Massage and regular exercise promote healthy parasympathetic activity by reducing blood pressure and heart rate, ameliorating cardiovascular disease. Homeostatic imbalances precipitate illness by compromising immune function. Adaptogenic herbs and foods also inhibit excessive catecholamine release substantiating the importance of complementary relaxation therapies.

Evening at the Prince of Wales

Evening at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Restaurant and Spa

The Prince of Wales Hotel Restaurant and Spa is located on the Main Street in downtown N-O-T-L, accessible by foot en route to shops, parks, The Shaw Theater, golf course, marina and several historic sites, expanding a refreshing exercise work-out.  An optional service provides transportation to wineries for care-free tastings!  For a more romantic adventure, a horse-drawn carriage is available just outside the door.

Evening at the Prince of Wales


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The Practice of ‘Artisanal Alchemy’

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Quantum-Touch: Generating synergystic healing energy


Sunset reflective wind chimes in the key of “E”

I first gained insight into this phenomenal energy healing practice I  learned about just last year.  Quantum-Touch originated about 27 years ago when Natural Healer, Bob Rasmussen, claimed he could pass any test on any subject with no prior knowledge or education. He discovered his energy had healing ability when applying touch.  A follower named Richard Gordon asked Rasmussen about his process, writing down techniques while observing his work.  Primary studies were conducted in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Japan and Canada.  As a researcher, Assistant Editor of ‘The British Medical Journal’ and past surgeon, Gordon composed a book after testing these theories entitled Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal’.

Quantum Touch.com defines this practice as a “Technique to enhance the life force energy”, drawing “life-force energy” known in Eastern cultures as the “chi”, “ki” and “prana”.  This universal healing technique addresses the whole being, balancing energies to effectively and continually heal the self.  This magnification of energy vibration heightens the recipient’s awareness where they resonate as one, achieving “entrainment”.  The Practitioner becomes a conduit for the receiver to invoke its own healing process, facilitating the body to achieve a healthy homeostasis.  Nurses practice Quantum-Touch to complement conventional medical treatments to further promote healing.


“Sunergy” Garden Ball

During a recent interview, I asked Certified Practitioner, Ernie Betz, what interested him in Quantum Touch.  An introduction to an energy/healing workshop in acupressure during the late ‘70’s soon had him moving in circles expanding into various bioenergetics, incorporating macrobiotics, spiritual presence and meridians.   He demonstrates how multidimensional energy modalities are applied simultaneously when adding Reiki, acupressure, massage, and EFT (emotional freedom technique), aromatherapy, among others; to enhance the Quantum-Touch experience.  Mr. Betz features Quantum-Touch as a contributing writer in the November/December 2012 publication of Envision Chronicle.


“Steel Man” Bessemer Furnace @ Station Square – Pittsburgh, PA
Photo credit: CDE

Quantum Touch Practitioners are trained on two levels.  One 12 hour Q-T class permits personal use.  Two classes with a certified Instructor plus independent practice sessions are required for professional practice.  Additional techniques for certification are taught on Level 2, where energies are localized for addressing specific diagnoses.  Different locations feature different levels of instruction and various states offer CEU, or continuing education units, for Nursing licensure renewal.  Mr. Betz performs educational workshops in northeast Ohio, currently available at “Creekside Healing Center in Richmond Heights, OH.


Energy cats

Mr. Betz’s healing dynamic is often supported by another energy healing practitioner specializing in Practical Reiki and acupressure. They met while working with children and animals at another energy healing event and have been practicing together for nearly 2 ½ years. They continue attending widespread health fairs throughout the year. Thanks to Mr. Ernie Betz for sharing his energies by bringing Quantum-Touch to our attention.

Zero tolerance for pain


“Optical Flashback” – Facebook image

I have seen people write about pain as a means of motivation.  Pain is a powerful motivator to not feel pain! I will do anything to prevent and avoid pain.  When my very bright Nephew was about six years old, he informed his Mother he wanted to build rockets.  She asked him what he thought he needed to accomplish that, expecting him to rattle off a list of materials. He surrendered, “I think I need to learn how to read”.  He was soon reading at a 4th grade level followed by a high school level, then college level within a matter of months.  This is an inspirational analogy I tap into each time I am challenged and need motivation.

Pain begets pain.  Like my Nephew, I succumbed to learning how to do something other than my motivational interest for creating my own “pain-free pass“.  I had to cook.  I knew how to cook and even enjoyed baking, but had to cook as an avenue to apply my prescriptive knowledge.  I do it every day for every meal, creating “designer” recipes to augment my biochemistry to offset chronic Crohn’s induced pain. 


“Couteau a Pain” – Bread Knife (Angry Bread)

Eating and living virtually pain free is my reward and goal.  Having to cook from scratch several times a day produces another type of pain which I obviously prefer over the physiological pain.  I share my methodology during independent consults and attempt to share the broader strokes with a wider audience through the internet.  As I recently wrote, electronic technology is another painful side effect to my process.

Pain infiltrates every aspect of life impacting mood, perspective and even the way I carry & present myself.  I failed to understand why anyone holds on to their pain.  We see people in our practice who suffer severe injuries and have degenerative conditions, causing them to live with chronic pain.  Pain may serve as their own brand of motivator, challenging them to move in alternative directions. 


“Sometimes you can’t see the pain…” poster

In recognition of Arbor Day we celebrate today, some trees offer pain relief.  Pycnogenols from the French maritime pine bark are potent pain relievers. The antioxidant OPC’s (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) work synergistically with Vitamin C reducing inflammation and increasing circulation.  Additional modalities for pain attenuation may be explored in ‘Posts of hypnotic Suggestion’ and ‘Life Beyond Pain’.

Inside burnout

Depression is an emotional manifestation from “burnout”, but what do we know about the physiological origins?  Let’s take a closer look at cause of burnout from inside…



Here’s what we know… Psychological resistance or failure to accept a task or idea can contribute to physiological burnout. How we feel emotionally manifests what we feel physiologically.  Prolonged biological stress reduces energy overtaxing adrenals while impairing blood pressure & hormone regulation, compromising immune function causing associated disorders involving chronic pain.

Let’s take a closer look… Pathophysiology examines the biosynthesis between the sympathetic-adrenergic-medullary (SAM) axis and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.   ‘Applied Nutritional Science reports’ Dr. Richard L. Shames’ findings:  Over time, hypercortisolemia initiates catabolism leaving us vulnerable to inflammation, asthma, allergies and autoimmune related diseases.

What micronutrients & herbs can do… Micronutrients and herbs have a synergistic effect on our biochemistry promoting the HPA axis for enhanced immune function, vitality and overall well-being.  Vitamin B6 pantothenic acid, a precursor to coenzyme A, potentiates BP and hormone regulation involved in adrenal hormone production.  Additional nutritional support from the bioavailable form of coenzyme Q10 ubiquinol, promotes healthy cellular ATP production (energy powerhouses of the cell) ; “Delivering both essential & accessory nutrients that help provide resistance to oxidative stress and support mitochondrial energy production via oxidative phosphorylation.” 

Adaptogenic herbal formulas mitigate negative physical fatigue brought on by prolonged stress.  Indigenous herbs across Asia have been known for centuries to modulate these systems.  Holy basil, Panax ginseng and the fungus cordyceps reduce anxiety inducing hormones while achieving a restorative level of function.  Ashwagandha, bacopa, and rhodiola rosea increase energy and promote endurance, eliminating fatigue.  Combined with other stress reduction methods, these adaptogenic herbs normalize the physiology by balancing various immunomodulatory activities.


Restorative herbs

Foods that can restore…Iodine rich algaes like bladderwrack, sea kelp and spirulina in concert with prohormones vitamins A & D, support thyroid synthesis.  Foods high in selenium and zinc minerals further “preserve thyroid integrity.” Coconut oil, wild salmon and pasture raised eggs supplement the body with necessary omega 3 fats with generous sprinklings of Celtic sea salt providing the necessary nutrients to offset “Stress-Induced Dysfunction” we refer to as BURNOUT. 

‘We always hurt the ones we love’


Stress management

‘Why Do We Always Hurt the Ones We Love’ is a song, but unlike a country song when played backward, does not reverse out of those moments when we’ve said something we regret.  Pain is a drain.  When we feel pain, we feel a drain on our emotions, causing us to lash out.  Firing spontaneous expletives in an explosive expression communicates our primal fear and frustration. 

Communication is key –’The Caregiver’s Bill of Rights’ outlines eight important steps we can all apply to any nurturing relationship.  A retired Oncological Nurse recommends learning to develop what she refers to as “Healthy Boundaries”.  She also served as the primary caregiver for her husband of many years. This form of self-preservation is essential. ‘The Alzheimer’s Reading Room’ article “Tea and Empathy” suggests delegating and listening.  Recognize the signs and symptoms and delegate among family, neighbors and friends.  Most importantly, take care of yourself.  In a flight emergency we are instructed to put on our own oxygen mask first.  No one can begin to meet the needs of others until their own basic needs have been met.

Several of these links are directed to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, but caregiving is often treated as a perfunctory responsibility pertinent to any relationship, regardless of medical need.  It’s alright to ask for help, in fact, it’s encouraged!  Learn to take GOOD care and say you’re sorry when necessary.  I’m sorry, Mom, and I accept your apology, too.

Sharing wellbeing among bloggers

It’s like satisfying a nagging craving.  I always crave cake.  The cake-to-icing ratio is my measuring stick for events and people affecting my life.  Frosting is the highlight.  Like yesterday, today I am sharing a couple of newly discovered blogs whose contributions my words cannot do justice. These giving people are the proverbial “icing on the cake”.


View from tree house in “Hershey Children’s Garden” by Bethane M. Evans

Tony Burkinshaw, your energetic, literary style immediately attracted my attention. The rhythmic way you express your work on ‘Posts of Hypnotic Suggestion’ exhibits extensive knowledge through the use of your therapeutic words.

Sarah Langdon, your sweet reminiscence and observations reflect similar memories and feelings in which I find comfort. In your daily ‘Conversations’ posts, I appreciate how you pay tribute to life’s perpetual force through your family’s spirit. Thanks for sharing them with all of us!