“Must Follow!” – List of dailies

This Facebook page composite includes both pages I have been following for years and discovered as recently as last week. The following list represents a cross-section of health care forums from professional, political, educational and alternative methodology for obtaining optimal nutritional health and balanced well-being.


Why not try something different?

WEGO Health


Alliance for Natural Health International

Upgrade Your Plate

Organic Gardens Network

Natural Society

Budd’s Herbal Apothecary

Mountain Rose Herbs

Posts of hypnotic suggestion


“I advocate people’s personal empowerment by sharing awareness of current health care trends.”


The active challenges I have learned

“We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.”

 G. K. Chesterton


Wise owl (Bing image)


Participating within the health activism community is a learning challenge shared by caregivers and patients alike.

  • “No one is immune” – Everyone is affected by the ripples
  • Ups and downs – like the human body, we are always striving to achieve a balance.  It is the natural state of being
  • “No man is an island” – We seek answers in a society where we often feel alone
  • Everyone suffers from a condition – “The human condition”.  “Life keeps life-ing along…”


“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in.”

 ~Leonard Cohen


Health activism is a process we all share, yet experience differently.  Every day is an assignment, an ongoing education.