Bethane - Biochemical Alchemy

Bethane – Biochemical Alchemy

Hello, I am Bethane, co-owner and director of a state licensed Chiropractic practice with my skilled Husband, the Doctor.   Experiencing the heartache from invisible illness during my lifetime of volunteer care-giving culminated in my advocating for others.  This is a platform to share awareness of current health care trends to empower people.  Previously certified and state registered nursing practices provide me with a comprehensive perspective of others’ challenges.

Inspired by a higher quality of life, the implementation of my ‘Biochemical Alchemy’ practice permits the continued enjoyment of food in a therapeutic way.  I created what I call “Artisanal Alchemy”, with the aid of evidence-based lab analysis; applying both gastronomy and functional medicine to formulate an accompanying lifestyle plan.  This personalized, biochemically unique approach to health integrates our scientific relationship with food.  Like myself, my process has helped others reclaim and maintain a level of well being, often better than imagined.


Biochemical Alchemy “Wordle”


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