The pH of electronic technology


“Crohn’s Tummy”

It’s a co-dependent relationship – I have lived the majority of my life without technology as we know it today.  People who know me, know how much I struggle with technological nuances.  My theory is technology is a projected manifestation from Crohn’s.  The challenges I face with technology is as much as I ever did from Crohn’s disease.  If there is an app for that, I’m afraid the prognosis would be similar.  I carry my electronics with me but do not rely on them any more than I rely on my own body functioning optimally throughout any given day.  It’s a symbiotic/co-dependent relationship, which by definition, pretty much makes it dysfunctional.


“Dysfunction Junction”

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur (French Chemist and Microbiologist, 1822-1895).  Taking risks or being spontaneous is not an option with Crohn’s. I am most comfortable with things I can count on, like paper and pen.  They travel well and can always be retrieved when necessary.  Be prepared.  Mailing letters, posting sticky notes and launching paper airplanes are still ways to communicate & get others’ attention.


“Resistance is futile if < 1 Ohm”

“Resistance is futile…”– I get shocked often.  Being “fluid imbalanced”, bioelectrical currents are often compromised causing heart irregularities and synaptic misfiring.  Electrolytes and salts are my friends but don’t play well with electronics.  I go from no conductivity to frying electronics with a mere touch – especially in a lightning storm.  My Father was an Electrical Engineer and would often shout “NO” as I was about to touch an appliance.  He fixed everything…except people.  Technology serves me as well as my body.  I try to stay negatively charged by connecting with nature to rebalance.   Exposure to positive ion output affects our health on a cellular level which could become a terminal condition. How do you conduct yourself?


Outdated communication technology

“The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires As a Means for Furthering Peace” (Electrical World & Engineer, January 7th, 1905)

Nikola Tesla


2 thoughts on “The pH of electronic technology

  1. Z-Axis says:

    Excellent article! I would “Like” it but WordPress won’t let me. (Apparently I have the wrong electronic pH.) I know your reliance on pen & paper and can appreciate it’s reliability.


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