Health truths and myth


Willie Wonka meme

It astounds me what people will believe, but what is even more astounding is what people want to believe.  Someone once said “cooking for me was “intimidating”.  Confused and surprised by the many interpretations to this statement, I had to inquire.  Did they mean they felt they couldn’t do it “right”?  Perhaps they meant I was judgmental of them and what they eat?  Their response was that they didn’t think they knew how or what to make because they live a different lifestyle.

I practice “alternative” healthcare which involves a pH balanced vegetarian/vegan diet.  I do this primarily out of necessity and because it works.  Food and high quality nutrients ARE my Rx.  I do not need expensive synthetic drugs or invasive diagnostic tests to “treat” an illness that is virtually non-existent in an organic ecosystem.  Side bar:  The NIH classifies Crohn’s disease as an autoimmune disorder.  A compromised GI tract due to floral imbalance signals this immune response.  We are all victims in today’s environment which we created. Since when did eating real food become considered “alternative”?

“I don’t want to give anything up.”  Sacrifice is a part of life, except for the true sacrifices I make to eliminate the symptoms, or “side effects” I experience after eating red meats, sweets, rich foods, living on little sleep and no stretching/exercise.

“You exercise too much.”  What is “too much”, in your opinion is relative.  We all have different needs and with each of those unique requirements come moderation.  We are a behavioral species who respond to punishment and reward.  Over the decades I have learned the rewards a balanced lifestyle brings.  Once I got the benefits from preferring plants over chocolate, I developed recognition for what I wanted while maintaining the “what’s in it for me” reward.

“You have to do what the Doctor says.”  I used to eat a pound of chocolate a day.   Consuming mostly red meat and a pound of chocolate every day, it is no surprise I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  My surgeon told me point blank that this would kill me.  I did not completely believe him but ironically believed the Cleveland Clinic’s Registered Dietician’s protocol specifically designed for me (or anyone who breathed oxygen).  I wish I had followed the wise words of Willie Wonka “Strike that, reverse it”.  Yes, that was my favorite story…imagine.  The reality of the matter is that I had “So little time and so much to do”.  I keep that then outdated dogma for a good laugh and share with clients as the perfect example of what not to eat, IBD or otherwise.

Again, what works for me is not necessarily what is best for you.  I would not recommend my nutritive prescription for anyone else, however; making a few modifications to your present health plan may take you in a surprisingly, positive direction where you win every time!


“Wonka’s Golden Ticket”


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