Sharing wellbeing among bloggers

It’s like satisfying a nagging craving.  I always crave cake.  The cake-to-icing ratio is my measuring stick for events and people affecting my life.  Frosting is the highlight.  Like yesterday, today I am sharing a couple of newly discovered blogs whose contributions my words cannot do justice. These giving people are the proverbial “icing on the cake”.


View from tree house in “Hershey Children’s Garden” by Bethane M. Evans

Tony Burkinshaw, your energetic, literary style immediately attracted my attention. The rhythmic way you express your work on ‘Posts of Hypnotic Suggestion’ exhibits extensive knowledge through the use of your therapeutic words.

Sarah Langdon, your sweet reminiscence and observations reflect similar memories and feelings in which I find comfort. In your daily ‘Conversations’ posts, I appreciate how you pay tribute to life’s perpetual force through your family’s spirit. Thanks for sharing them with all of us!


One thought on “Sharing wellbeing among bloggers

  1. sarahlangdon says:

    I am just so touched by this! Thanks for kind words.


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