‘Facebook’ has many faces


‘Biochemical Nutrition’ Facebook page

As the number one social media today, Facebook has created another dimension in the way people interact.  What does this have to do with natural health?  Our thought processes and behavior effect the way we feel which can manifest in physiological conditions.  There are a multitude of ways interactive media impacts our health.

Social media offers a way for people to be fully expressed.  A forum with which to share personal interests, information, vent, to take action and react.  Participation can be psychologically addictive.  Experiencing these emotions have physiological transformations on the human body too, increasing blood pressure as well as reducing BP and stimulating brain chemistry; initiating a cellular metamorphic cascade.  Although this technology is relatively new, it will be interesting to witness how we evolve as Facebook’s catalyst…

After making these observations (and much research later), a condition known as “Facebook Affective Disorder” (FAD) has made headlines.  The effect of electronic media  is likened to excessive television exposure throughout our lifetime. This habitual trend has become entertainment as well as an invaluable resource.  Facebook is my favorite social network when rarely a day passes that I don’t log-in to learn about what my friends, family and colleagues are sharing from around the world.


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