You are your best advocate


“A Healthy Philosophy”

Today, on day 4 of the ‘Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge’, I am sharing a resourceful approach to autoimmune disease, the inflammatory process and pain living with complexities Crohn’s disease brings.  I began my professional health care advocacy decades ago when first advocating for myself.   “A little learning is a dangerous thing…” wrote Alexander Pope in 1709. The contemporary interpretation in this case holds true that a small amount knowledge gives one the sense of “perceived expertise”.  Drink it in because a lot of knowledge is empowering.

Crohn’s is a compound disease, presenting all systems of the body affecting many aspects of life.  Infinite resources are readily available to us through the internet for support and education including; on-line chat rooms, e-books, studies, blogs, articles, webinars, philosophies and various organizations. Additionally, many resources provide specific information about local chapters, targeting other communities specializing in Crohn’s disease and associated autoimmune disorders, for a spectrum of treatment modalities.

The following abridged directory offers a foundation of understanding for everyone affected by the challenges living with Crohn’s disease.  Beyond the physiological needs, individual considerations may range from respite care, care giving, emotional support, and/or financial assistance.  There is an ever changing supply of knowledge and approaches waiting to be explored.

  1. Living with Crohn’s Disease:
  2. Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America
  3. Crohn’s Forum
  4. IBIS
  5. GreenMedInfo
  6. Metagenics IBD
  7. Orthomolecular Health
  9. Life Beyond Pain:

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