Why I write about the Nutritional Alchemy of Food

Day 1: Why I write about Biochemical Alchemy and nutritional foods as a WEGO Health Activist is because I am committing to share daily information with you during the month of April! You are welcome to join me to broaden our awareness and understanding of the many health related issues we are experiencing today.Image

A Crohn’s disease recurrence 20 years ago inspired the implementation of “Biochemical Alchemy” for my ‘Biochemical Nutrition’ practice, permitting the continued enjoyment of foods in a therapeutic way.  Ingredients are adjusted to address different dietary needs.  Specific spices are selected for primarily anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to the pharmacopeia found in plant compounds.

Mariam Webster Dictionary defines alchemy as 2: “A power or process of transforming something common into something special“.  The challenge is creating “medicines” comprised of natural, organic foods that are both fun and appealing to the palate.  Alchemically prepared foods are nutritionally integrated to biologically address disease and disorders as well as maintaining overall health.

The chemical breakdown of each individual ingredient complement one another to create what is known as a “functional food”, working in sync with our biology to promote powerful healing energy. The ingredients are all plant proteins and in raw food form, protect natural enzymes potentiating bioavailability.

Whole, natural raw foods are widely available, but learning which to combine in a recipe as a “meal to heal” is an art.  Try composing variations of your own, remembering to share your creations!  Learn more about the alchemy of foods and find additional recipes shared in my Examiner.com articles over the years as a Cleveland Natural Health Examiner



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  2. This can be precisely what I had been looking for, thanks


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